Hello, my name is child…

I am totally open and undefended. I sense the world through my body. I feel everything and everyone around me deeply.

When I kick, scream, cry, bite, hit please don’t think badly of me I’m just living passionately and fully.

I notice the small things that most adults fail to see, so please don’t get cross at me for slowing you down.

When I wriggle and just can’t keep still, don’t try to stop me as I’m dancing the universe’s dance.

Sometimes, the world seems too big, people too scary, please don’t laugh at me for being shy or push me beyond where I’m ready to go.

I have such curiosity and wonder about the adult world. I want to be with you all the time, so I can see how you interact with the world, please don’t see me as being too clingy, cramping your style.

My voice IS important, so please listen carefully at the need I am expressing, don’t dismiss, admonish or mock me.

When, I speak in a tone of voice you don’t like, remember it has nothing to do with you. I may not even be aware of how I am speaking, it may be the only way I can express my frustration, anger or pain.

When you are not sure what’s going on with me, drop your story and ask me a question or just be with me.





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