What if we all treated children, adults and ourselves with Deepest Respect?

I’ve been trying to imagine what this might look like and while imaging; I’ve been trying to practice it with my husband, my children and myself.

Firstly, I’ve noticed when I am not treating someone with Deepest Respect and that is an uncomfortable thing to notice. It is easy to hear something come out of your mouth and think what an awful human being you are, especially when you realise you are repeating the words of those who were disrespectful to you as you grew up. This is where Deepest Respect for self comes in.

In treating ourselves with Deep Respect we honour every part of ourselves, even the “Awful Human Being” part.  We listen to every feeling we experience and hear every thought with non-judgment and gentleness.

By holding all parts of ourselves in gentleness and respect we practice holding others in the same way.

Just as we sometimes need to say “No” to a child, we can say “No” to ourselves and instead, “Choose” how to act on our feelings or thoughts…our reactions are for us to own.  But, “No” must come from a place of kindness and if we or others mess up because the “No” was ignored then with Deepest Respect we could offer compassion.








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