A seven-year-old girl was dancing to music in her living room while her mother was busily doing chores.    “Mummy, come dance with me” asked the girl,   “No dear, I’m too busy right now” replied her mother,  “Oh come on mummy just for a minute”

Her mother was about to say “No” again, but she stopped and thought for a moment…..”Yes, darling why not? Lets dance”.   Mother and daughter whirled around the room, lost in the pure pleasure of the music and being together in the present moment, even if only for a few minutes.

Later that day as the girl’s mother tucked her into bed, she said, “Mummy, you know today when you stopped doing chores and came to dance with me, well that’s all I want from you, just that”.   The girl’s mother smiled at the wisdom of her daughter as she kissed her goodnight.

I have the privilege of knowing and being in the company of this young girl from time to time.    Since the day she was born she has never danced to anyone else’s tune but her own.   She is direct, honest and all seeing.  You cannot hide yourself from her.    One day, I believe she may well be a World Leader and that will be a day to celebrate.

Thank you to all the children who come in to our lives bringing us their unique wisdom.


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