I am a worrying parent.  I worry about my children a lot.  I even worry about worrying so much.   Recently, I came across a book called ‘Self Compassion’ by author Kristen Neff.  I opened the book randomly and discovered a page written about the brains dispostion towards “Negative Thinking”.   Apparently, “Negative Thinking” is a gift from our tribal, ancestoral brain.

When wondering around the wilderness looking for food and shelter, the brain’s attractrion to Negavtive thoughts was about survival.  If our ancestors discovered an area they wanted to settle in, they would have to first determind whether it was a safe place to be.

Of course, they would look for the “Positive”, seeing if the river was filled with fish and surrounded by good fertile land, but those are “long-term” “Positive” considerations. What the brain really needed to focus on first was safety.

So, our ancestors would have searched the area looking for danger signs…having I suppose, “Negative” thoughts, no point having great food and shelter if your whole tribe is eaten the first night by a lion because you’ve set up camp on its terrority!

OK, so we no longer have to “Worry” about “Worrying”.   It’s not our fault; it’s in our Genes.  We just need to learn to scale the worrying down a bit because really, unless you live in Africa, it is very unlikely that a lion will break into your house one night and eat your children.   Of course, in Africa they have a saying “Insha’Allah” meaning “God Willing” and this would be the best way to stop worrying all together.  Give it all up to GOD…. The GODDESS….The TAO…. The UNIVERSE and life’s own PROCESS.


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