“Really, all the petty tyrants will mostly disappear from your life as you continue to free yourself from even thinking they may be right, or see something you do not, or want to be appropriate, nice and congenial”

Bruce Scott, author of ‘Free the Children’


Petty Tyrants are those people in our lives who push our buttons, drive us crazy, keep us awake at night thinking of murderous plots.   Petty Tyrants are people who critise us, judge us, dismiss our ideas and dreams as foolish, admonish us for being who we are and will NEVER truly see us.

 Often, the Petty Tyrants in our lives “dream us up” to represent something they despise, something their fear in themselves even.   Sometimes, just being who we are “pushes their buttons”.    They justify their own fears and beliefs by making others wrong or crazy.   Try to “challenge” a Petty Tyrant’s beliefs and things can get nasty….I know, I’ve tried it on a number of occasions.

 So what can we do with a Petty Tyrant?  Well, as my dear friend Bruce points out, Petty Tyrants are here to free us in some way.

 So maybe….

 When we stop reacting, stop justifying ourselves and can detach from our own inner “I am a victim” story….we will be free.

 When we can shrug our shoulders, accept them for who they are and stop trying to change them….we will be free.

 When we can tell someone who is crictising us, judging or admonishing us to STOP and request they treat us with respect without feeling mean or wrong…..we will be free.

 When we can walk away from a person who will not STOP, without feeling guilty….we will be free.

 When we no longer need to be heard, seen or understood by those who just aren’t willing too and when we listen to that inner voice that says

“Say nothing”….we will be free

 And then maybe…just maybe….all our Petty Tyrants will bugger off!


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