It’s coming up to Christmas, just in case you hadn’t noticed.   Every year I promise myself I WON’T GET STRESSED but every year I do…why?  What is it that takes over and starts stressing us all out at Christmas time?  For me, I start off chilled then begin to pick up on all the “expectations” in the “Field” around this time of year.  It’s like I fall into a river and get carried along with the whole thing.  Sometimes, I don’t even recognise myself.

I turn into a mad woman…. I suddenly want everything to be PERFECT for those two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  I worry about not having a clean and tidy house, I worry about not having enough yummy food for my family to eat over the holidays (I keep buying more), I worry about someone feeling left out from not receiving a Christmas card or gift from me.  I worry about not having the house filled with “Handmade” Christmas decorations.  I want to scream “JESUS CHRIST (good for this time of year) someone save me.”

Another truth is, actually, I’m not very good at this whole Christmas thing; I’m just not that kind of woman.   I’ve tried, I really have, but I don’t like cooking or home baking, so I resent having to spend so much time thinking and organising festive food.  And the money! Oh the money!

I also realised that it always ends up just being me on my own making “Handmade” decorations for our home.  I’m always stressed out and rushing to make that bloody Advent Wreath for our table, in which I might add, the candles never stay straight.

As for Christmas cards…handmade (extra pressure) or brought (guilt for the environment).   Well, if we really do have to do this card-giving thing… I think I’m getting into the idea of “Virtual Cards”, they are free and don’t have to be recycled.

I promise you, I do actually rather like Christmas, I enjoy watching my loved ones opening the gifts I’ve made or brought them.   And, I love the stillness of the world on Christmas day.

I also know that I am creating all the extra stress myself, in my mind.  But, I wonder what it was like many years ago when our tribal ancestors celebrated festivals that marked the end of the year.  They honoured the true meaning of each festival.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to experience, the true meaning of this time of year.

Lets face it, if our ancestors saw us now, they would probably think we were “Mad”.


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