Over the last few weeks I’ve had chronic pain in my body.  I knew my body was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t tell what.   So, I decided to feel into the pain.  The message from my body came as one word, “Tenderness”.   My body felt so tender that even the slightest touch was too much.

My dear friend, Bruce Scott, (author of ‘Being Real, an ongoing decision’) suggests that as children, we are all tender but we learn to hide that tenderness because we are told it is wrong, not welcomed in the “Harsh real world”, the adults around us tell us to “Toughen up”.    Later, if we do the work of “Self-Awareness” the hidden “Tenderness” peeks out again, seeing if it is at last, safe to come out.   I feel the truth in this.

So, what does “Tenderness” look like?  I’m still learning about what it means for me but I do know that when I honoured my body feelings not to attend a gathering of people last week, my chronic body pain disappeared….really it did!

This is nothing against the people at the gathering but to do with me allowing my process of being “Inner” and taking care of my energy.    This has everything to do with being “Authentic” and not feeling guilty about it, not fearing you will be excluded.   Anyway, being excluded by some people might be the best gift, for then you will know those who truly accept your authentic self and they are the ones who bring us energy rather than draining it.

Maybe, what we need is to embody in ourselves the Tenderness of “Grandmother energy”.  A shaman told me that now is the time of the Divine Grandmother.   I can see how her loving tenderness coupled with slow and steady persistence can move mountains and the blocks to our hearts.

Imagine if we all allowed and honoured our tenderness, what a different world it would be.


One thought on “Tenderness

  1. Beautiful and so true. My grandmother was the one who allowed the tenderness in me to feel safe. Thank you for your authenticity and your clarity. Love, Rach xxx

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