It’s New Years Eve 2012 and my God it’s been a hell of a year, not just for me but for many others I know. As I was pondering on what my “Intentions” were for 2013 and what I would like to let go of, I wondered for a moment….What would it feel like if I believed that nothing was wrong?  What if everything in our lives is actually on track, that we don’t need to “Fix” anything or anyone.  What if we didn’t defend ourselves from critics but just smiled and moved on because hey, who said we need to explain ourselves to ANYONE…accept maybe the police if you’re caught running naked down the High Street, but then again maybe just smiling at them would work.

What would it be like to just feel what we are feeling, and be aware of it?  What if that was enough. Could we let go of the need to analyse it or even understand it, instead just hold it in our awareness and see what comes up, if anything. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to work at anything. Instead of doing “Inner Work” we could practice “Inner Wonder”. Gosh, what a liberating thought, I’m surprising myself.  So, here’s to 2013…a big breath out….maybe I’ll give myself a break and trust that nothing is wrong.  Happy New Year to ALL.


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