An invitation to Soften into our bodies….into our hearts….to drop our defences….our Ego….our worrying….our fears and see the beauty in the present moment.  Where does this invitation come from?  It comes from our children or even other people’s children.   How many of us grew up feeling our parents didn’t see or appreciate who we really were…worts and all.   How we weren’t accepted for who we were…worts and all.

If a child doesn’t act how WE think they should be acting then should we give up on them?…wash our hands of them?….say things like “On your head be it”.    When our children complain, moan and even blame us it is easy to go into defence, “How dare you say that after all I’ve done for you!!!”  but the child looks at you as if to say…”What are you on about?  This has nothing to do with’s all about me!  This is who I am sometimes, even most of the time…I complain, moan and even blame you so put your Ego away dude!”

And here is the invitation to Soften….to realise it is not about YOU but about your child’s “Worts and All”.  It is their lesson to us to soften into our bodies and just allow them to be themselves even the yucky bits of them….it is called unconditional love and so few of us had it as children that it is something that needs to be learnt and guess what???  Our children are here to help us out.



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