UnknownI recently read on Facebook a quote by his holiness, the Dalai Lama….”Forgive others, not because they deserve your forgiveness but because you deserve peace of mind”.

I couldn’t really imagine what this would look or feel like until the last few days.   I’ve been given the opportunity to see how far I can take the words of his holiness.   I’ve been in a place of rage and reaction preparing for the battle that is about to come, feeding an old story and old patterns that include myself and other certain people in my life.   It has felt exhausting.   But, last night as I lay in bed and breathed deeply out of my head and into my body, a sudden revelation came to me in the form of a question…”Could you come from a Place of Love in this situation?”.

Usually, if someone suggests this to me, I roll my eyes and think to myself “You got to be kidding, I can’t be in a place of Love with these people, that would be like condoning their actions”  BUT this time something felt different.  I realised I wouldn’t have to be coming from a place of Love for THEIR sake but for MINE.   I could stand in Love, Love for me.  At this thought or feeling, I immediately felt lighter.

I realised I could put myself in a loving place and see the situation from there.   To surround ourselves with Love, surely is a gift to ourselves.   If we have been part of other people’s stories (and oh my, how I have) we don’t have to join in, adding our own story…just step out into Love.  Let others carry on with their story about you if they wish.   We don’t have to defend anything, just nod, smile and move on, silence is golden.  Of course, if someone is being physically, verbally or emotionally abusive then we have to say “NO” firmly and move away.   But, we can do this still from a Place of Love and without getting caught up in our/their story.

Knowing whether we are reacting from our “story” or wounding is simple, our bodies tell us.  We can feel the difference between when we are hooking into and reacting, from past hurts or when we need to speak our truth because someone is not being respectful of us.   And, I don’t mean the old “respect your elders” kind of respect, I’m talking about our birth right to have our autonomy respected.

So, where is the “Place of Love”?   I see it as taking a vacation on a lovely island.  This island is always warm and sunny, the vegetation is exotic and beautiful. I can lay down on the sand and soak up the rays for hours.   On this island I am always at peace, always smiling.   If others want to join me there, that’s cool, if not, well…I going anyway.


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