The other day, I sat drinking tea at the kitchen table while my husband did the dishes.  I suddenly said, not knowing I was going to say it, “Does it really matter if I don’t make any money from my writing, would you mind if we only lived off the work you find, would that be okay?” my husband laughed “Of course it would be okay, write because you love to write, not to make money”

Wow, I felt so good.  I realised that I had started to worry that I should be writing in a way that a magazine would like. It was getting in the way of my writing flow. I was trying to fit my words into a box and I noticed I was starting to lose my enthusiasm to write.   Ironically, I recently have had an article published in a magazine and they chose to publish it because I write like “Me” not because I was trying to write for “Them”.
For the first time in my life, I realised I do not have to be “Successful” to be “Successful”.  So what, if I just grow vegetables and flowers in my garden, hangout with my children and our chickens, cook casseroles and sometimes write?  These days, due to us being a home educating family, when we all wake up in the morning we do not need to be somewhere useless we want to.  Sometimes, my husband does need to be somewhere to work but he loves his work and often works from home.   We just get by paying our bills, food and supporting our children’s creativity but we are freer than our neighbours who live in a big house with new cars.
I also started to remember that the meaning of life is to be “empty” so we can do the will of the “Divine”, we are the flute that the “Divine” plays through.   Basically, it about getting out of our own way.  Author, Tom Shadyac puts it so beautifully in his book ‘Life’s Operating Manual”….”I don’t mean to rain on “The Secret’s” parade, but our thoughts don’t create reality.  God creates reality. Our thoughts profoundly affect how we experience that reality…….” If heaven has a newspaper, vision boards must be in the comics section, for the only way to make God laugh harder than telling Him your plans , is to show Him your vision board”.
When I first read this I couldn’t stop laughing.  I also felt free.  Free from having to be a “Success” in the way society tells me I should be. Of course, being a “Successful” person differs depending on which culture you happen to live in.  In most tribal cultures the pursuit of individual successful, of gain for oneself, of taking more than you need, is considered a mental illness.    Many tribal cultures believe us in the West are suffering from this mental illness, to them one person thriving while others stave and struggle is total madness.   Rather, they believe success is when the whole community thrives, when no one in your tribe goes hungry, when you help your neighbour fix their roof.    Many spiritual teachings tell us this also.   Did you know that if you knock on the door of a “Quaker”, they will welcome you in and feed you, for all strangers are children of God and therefore their brothers and Sisters.    Imagine a world in which this was everyone’s attitude towards being successful. No game playing to try to outwit your competitor, No secret meetings or projects hidden in fear of having to share with someone else, No more posting on Facebook about how fantastic your life is, while others suffer from loneliness and depression.   Because HOW can we see ourselves as being “Successful” when our brothers and sisters are suffering, when we are killing off our mother planet, it doesn’t make sense.   But, don’t worry there is cure for us….stop listening to FEAR and starting hearing TRUTH.

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