It was bedtime.   My six year old son wanted me to help him put his pyjamas on.   He then ran away from me playfully, hiding under the table on his back, feet up in the air.  I could feel the familiar tension in my body as I prepared for a battle to get him dressed but, this time I stopped and tried to stay with his playful mood.   I paused for a moment.
“Hey I know” I announced  “How about we try to get you dressed while you are in that position, like a circus trick?”
“Oh yes! That would be cool” my son replied
As I dressed him in his PJs upside down, I continued,
“And Now, ladies and gentlemen we have the Amazing, Fantastical, Marvellous pyjama trick!”
My son’s eyes sparkled with delight as he asked “What does Marvellous mean?”
He liked the word.
At the end he jumped to his feet and bowed to his dad, his audience.My intention was not to manipulate, distract or control my son but, to join him in his playfulness.

Play is good…so are circus tricks.


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