700IMG_0672Dear Little Being,

You came into my life to teach me things.  I am still learning.   I am so open to learning that I question everything I do as the person you chose to take care of you, while you are small and until you can take care of yourself.    I am, what we call on this planet, your “Parent” but, I hate that word because it has so many “Old Paradigm” beliefs attached to it,  I prefer the word Guardian….I am your guardian.

I am here to cherish you, support you in every way I can; emotionally, physically and in your passions.   I want you to feel heard and seen for who you are.   This is difficult for me sometimes because, I can not always see myself clearly.    You were born free, you do not belong to anyone but yourself.  Your views and opinions should be heard with respect even if they push our buttons, poke old wounds.  You have the right to make your own choices and that right should be held as sacred but, sometimes I must also protect and guide you from choices that we see as being harmful to you or others.   As your guardian I must only step in when my decision comes from a place of the experience of living on this planet for more years than little ones, not from fear instilled in me by my own beliefs or philosophies.   I will not impose these on you because that would be an act of violence.    When, I do “Step in” I need to use gentle words to explain why the choice you have made can not be supported.  I will make mistakes.   As your grow you will do what you please.   You may slam the door in my face, tell me to “Fuck off!”  but, I hope sometimes, we will have peaceful and intellectual discussions about the choices you make, even if I am freaking out inside.

But, while you are still a “Little being”  I WILL freak out when you spend six hours on the iPad without a break.   I WILL try to guide you to join me in the garden to plant the seeds for our winter vegetables, to help put up the swing you wanted in the tree, to eat a meal together and look into the eyes of Real people, your family.   Turn that empty “Pringles” tube into the Space Rocket you wanted.   So, we will read the book you chose from the library about the water cycle because you wanted to know “Where does our water come from?”.    And, this my beloved is why I won’t put the iPad on charge tonight.


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