700UnknownOur six year old son loves Minecraft, he plays it a lot. Sometimes, I worry he plays it too much….until today.

My husband and I were in our bedroom putting clean washing away and chatting about mundane adult stuff when our son walks into the room and jumps on to the unmade bed. Lost in our conversation, we ignore him. I do, however, notice that he is digging down under the blankets. The next moment, he suddenly, gets off the bed and says “I know” and walks out of the room. I am still only paying minimal attention to him when he returns, with a torch in his hand and jumps back on to the bed. As my husband and I continue to talk, I find I can no longer ignore the wiggling legs sticking out from under a huge pile of blankets and a question pops into my head, “What is he doing with that torch anyway?”

“Son?” I asked “What are you doing?”  The top half of our son’s body emerges, torch in hand. He lets out a tremendous sigh, the kind expressed after preforming hard manual labour and replies “I’m mining of course”. I look at my husband, we both smile, our eyes acknowledging the beauty of this playful moment in our bodies and silently, thank our son for reminding us of what we were lacking.  Oh yes, and to chill out about Minecraft.


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