imagesTrying to live up to the ideals of others is a nightmare.  You always fall short.  Taking on other people’s ideals leads to frustration and self judgement.  Rather than accepting we are our own authority on what is best for us, we defer to the authority of others.  Even, well meaning spiritual groups and philosophies can lead us to feel either “Wrong or Right”.  When we trust our own authority, our own instincts, we do not need to enter into conflict, justify or explain ourselves to others because we are not making the “Other” wrong but just doing what feels “Right” for us.

The authority I am referring to, is the authority of our own hearts.  When we take a moment to step back and reflect inwards, we free ourselves from our own patterns of  reaction and from beliefs we have taken on that are not our own.  We then become our own guru, our own healer and our own authority on ourselves.  Even, if we make mistakes, mess up and fail, at least we did so following our own path.


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