UnknownThe problem with seeking out “Why?” we have certain issues and emotions is that we can become a slave to our own story. We hold on to our story, repeating it over and over again. Sometimes, I hear myself telling the same old story from my childhood and I suddenly feel bored of myself, bored of this same story. Bruce Scott, family therapist and author of Being Real, says, “If I attempt to discover where my thoughts and feelings come from I get lost even more.”

We may never really know where our “Issues” come from and maybe that is okay.    Sometimes, we try so hard not to repeat the mistakes our parents made because we believe they did so much damage to us, that we end up neglecting our own needs and than becoming resentful. What happens to us in childhood does effect us as adults, but if we carry that story around with us all our lives it can become exhausting and possibly a distraction to healing. We need to make choices about how we live based on who we are now, not on what happened to us as a child. So, what would happen if we dropped our stories and just stayed with and held the space for any feelings or emotions that arise in each moment?  Maybe, it is that simple to free ourselves from our stories.


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