imagesSometimes, we need to give ourselves permission to be human. To be okay with all our negative human emotions as well as our positive ones.   Author and Journalist Kathyrn Schultz, gives a wonderful TED talk called “Don’t Regret, Regret”. She talks about her instant regret of getting a Tattoo at the age of 29 and how she moved through all the usual “very human” emotions, starting with several hours of  “Please make it go away!” to finally, “Hey, I can learn from this”. I often find myself submerged in the feeling that I should be a better person, that I should be more enlightened, be above the petty human emotions of jealously, hatred and wanting to set someone’s car on fire! Then, when I judge myself for having these feelings, I find I judge myself for judging myself….oh dear. I have done a lot of  research about the human spirit or soul over the last few years. I have read many books, attended workshops and heard guru’s speak. Mostly, I have been left feeling pretty rubbish as a human being. I have been left feeling contracted in my body, but now and again I read or hear someone’s words that make my whole body feel relaxed and expand, that is when I know a person is not judging others. The clue to such people is if they have a sense of humour, because quite frankly most of us take ourselves and life far to seriously, myself included. It is also important not to overlook other fields of knowledge about human behaviour, such as anthropology and sociology.   We still carry within us very primitive emotional responses inherited from our caveman ancestors, such as the “Fight or Flight” instinct. We can not escape our biological make-up, but just have awareness around it. So, how about we give ourselves a break now and again for just being a perfectly, imperfect human being. After all, there are billions of us on this planet!


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