Imagine, holding the space for someone who is sharing their vulnerability with us rather than jumping in with opinions or advice. Knowing that when someone shares their story, it is an honour not an invitation to “fix” them. What if we realised our truth may not be everyone’s truth and being okay with that. What if we chose not to give our energy to gossip or ignore the pain in our tummy which says “Something is not right here” and we paused, asked a question or walked away from a conversation where we knew we would not be heard.

Could it be possible for us to sense when someone is stuck in their beliefs.

In silence there is space. Space to know ourselves, space to know others, to connect and create authentic relationships.  When we feel expanded after spending time with someone rather than drained and exhausted, then we are experiencing what it is like to tread softly on this planet, tread softly with ourselves and with every person we meet.




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