Becoming a Ghost
Photo by Luminara

Lately, I have been carrying a feeling of being “lost” not knowing Who I am, What I should be doing, Where I should be living. Often, I confuse myself. But, maybe it is all okay. Although it is an unsettling feeling, it is also freeing. I feel like a shadow, ghost or spirit….I have no “identity or place in the world”. I am everywhere and nowhere, I am someone and no one. I sense, one day I will know nothing is “Wrong” with me, everything I judge myself for will become clear that it was something wanting, waiting to happen and it will, in its own time. Letting go of the struggle is a massive thing to do because the world is set up to make us believe we have to struggle to survive. We live in the field of “Haves and Have nots“, measuring success by the amount of money a person has in the bank or how famous they are. Constantly comparing ourselves with others. Maybe, my perception is shifting to truly know how meaningless this all is. I mean to REALLY know it, not just to believe it but to feel it. When someone asks me “What do you do?“, that seems like a ridiculous question because I do lots of things but really I just “AM”.


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