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Many years ago, I sat opposite my therapist and said, “People say I am too sensitive“, “Ha” she replied “Then you need to be MORE sensitive….this world needs sensitive people“.

For most of my life, being sensitive had been referred to as a negative thing. This, was the first time I had heard anyone give it any value and I began to wonder, how many more people are being called “Too” sensitive. What would the world look like if we were all to acknowledged our sensitivity as a gift, rather than some burden to hide away.

Children, are often accused of being “Too” sensitive, their feelings, emotions and sense of things are often not taken seriously. I believe we are all born sensitive beings. Some of us even manage to hold onto that sensitivity into adulthood, despite being told there is something wrong with us. What does being sensitive look like in the everyday world?  Sometimes, it is sensing other people’s hidden emotions within a few minutes of meeting them, it is being deeply effected by your environment, noise, bright lights, but mostly it is sensing things you can not always explain in words but just feel.  When my own children used to tell  me they did not like somewhere or someone I used to ask them “Why?” often they would respond with “I don’t know why, I just feel it“.  Now, I never ask them or myself “Why?“. I do not need to justify what they or I are feeling, we may never know the reason “Why?”, it is enough that our “Too” sensitive selves are feeling it.   Dr Bruce Scott calls it, “Being Exquisitely Sensitive“…I like that.



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