The Happiest Person I know
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As, I was walking with my seven year old son a couple of days ago and listening to him talk I suddenly realised….he is the happiest person I know. He loves the world, he finds such joy in just being alive, he makes nothing “Wrong” or “Right“, he makes no judgements of people or their actions. If, he does not like being around someone he just says, “I don’t want to see that person anymore“, he does not analyse them or himself for feeling this way, he does not feel the need to justify anything to himself. He lives in his body and trusts his body feelings, no matter what others around him may think.

Maybe, this is who he is or maybe, this is how all seven year olds are. But, I worry he will not be able to keep this way of being, that my husband and I or society, will make him feel wrong. Not, that this will be an intentional act, but most of us in the adult world are so caught up in being “Nice“, doing things to be “Polite“, ignoring our true instinct and body feelings so we do not upset anyone, so we will be accepted. Sometimes, I believe it can not be avoided no matter how hard we try because, we are all caught in a Trance…moods, tension, body symptoms, frustration, irritation….where does it all come from and why is it so hard for us to escape it?  What happens to us as we grow up, is it really all brainwashing from society and our parents? I do not know the answers to these questions and maybe it does not matter, but I do know it takes real courage to act like a seven year old and believe the feelings that arise in your body are sacred.


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