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I recently sold most of my books. I no longer need to be told how to Parent or Educate my children, live a Sustainable life or be Spiritually Enlightened. This is all just Noise, clutter to fill the mind, keep us searching outside ourselves. The truth is so simple, yet we choose to believe it is complicated. You want to have a better relationship with your Parents, your Partner, your Children, your Friends? Simple….STOP trying to change people and start accepting who they are.  Know they are on their own path, not yours. We are not here to save people, unless they ask for our help. Once we have accepted who someone is, we then have a choice whether to stay in that relationship or leave. Instead of trying to change someone we could try appriecating them instead.  We all want to be Seen, Heard and Accepted for who we are, not forced to fit someone else’s idea of who we should be. 

Leaving out the noise in a relationship, means being quiet when we want to critise, judge or change someone. Instead, leave them be, find something about that person you appreciate and tell them. When this happens, tension leaves, everyone softens and conflict dissolves.   


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