Being with the Right People
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Being with people should be easy. Being with people who carry awareness is always easy, freeing and expanding. When you feel seen, heard, accepted without judgement or criticism you leave a person feeling lighter in your body. If a person does not try to “Fix You” by giving unsolicited advice, but instead holds the space so you can feel fully what you need to feel, then we can be healed.

When, Kindness is genuine and not used to manipulate or control, but freely given without expectation of something in return, then we feel safe with a person. When, our thoughts about a person are confused or we doubt our instincts, our bodies tell the truth. Discomfort, tension and even physical pain are signals we are not with someone who has awareness, we are not with a person who is safe to share our personal stuff with.   

We honour ourselves and others when we seek to spend time with the “Right” people. 



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