“I wish you weren’t moody or grumpy ever.” said my eight year son in a sad tone of voice. We were in the kitchen, I was preparing dinner and feeling stressed. My son hugged me and said, “I love you”, he then left. I sat down for a minute and my heart broke, I felt like I might start crying and never stop. Instead, I went to my son’s room and sat on his bedroom floor. “Can we talk?” I asked him, “Sure” he replied and put down his iPad with enthusiasm, he was pleased I had come to see him. “I am sorry that I am often grumpy, this is not how I want to be with you” I began, “I am still trying to learn how I can be a good enough parent, look after our home and work without getting too tired.  Because, when I get tired, I get moody and grumpy. I haven’t got it right yet, I’m learning each day about what I can and cannot do.”  My son was silent for a moment and than brightly added, “Someone should write a book called, ‘How To Train A Grown Up!” (Our son is presently deep into the stories of “How To Train A Dragon) We laughed together for a long time.


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