shut upAccording to my mother, I was five years old when I first said the word “Fuck!”. I turned to face her and proudly announded, “Mum, I just said FUCK!” to which she replied “Well, don’t dear it isn’t nice”. Of course, I then proceeded to say “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!”  It is still, one of my favourite words in the English Language. Actually, I can now say it in Italian too!

I often, wonder how much simpler life would be if we just smiled and said in a polite tone, FUCK OFF! to someone who is criticising, judging or emotionally draining us. It would probably be much less tiring than defending ourselves or arguing back.

There might be another way. Maybe, we could just learn to shut the fuck up! Don’t argue back, but instead stay silent. This takes practise, as every bone in our body wants to react when we feel attacked by someone. A verbal attack can feel as powerful as a physical attack and our natural instinct is to protect ourselves, but arguing back rarely works. As the wonderful Prince Ea says, “If you want to win an argument, shut up!”. It is bloody frustrating when you know someone is talking a load of horse shit. But, some people, are so narrow minded, so locked into their negative beliefs, they are impossible to reach and this is when we need to leave them alone.


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