Street Art

What is the Tao anyway? As I understand it, the Tao is about being in the flow of life, following the path of least resistance. Some might say it is being at one with God. When do we know we are in the Tao or out of it? These are the questions I have been asking myself lately. I have always assumed if life feels like a struggle I must be “Out” of the Tao, but who said following the Tao (or your secondary process, or body wisdom) is suppose to be easy!

When something is “Right” for us everything seems to align to make it happen. The practice is having the awareness to find out what is “Right”. Often, I don’t have a clue if something or someone is right for me until I hang out there for a while.

Maybe, we move in and out of the Tao all the time as it is constantly moving and shifting in order to keep us awake and aware. At the very moment you think you are in it, the Tao waves to you from the other side of the street saying, “Hey! I’m over here now, come on keep up!”.  Maybe, the “Path of least resistance” is not about the physical world around us, but our own attitudes towards it.

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