Finding Hope Under a Conservative Government
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Many people, including myself, felt shock, anger, fear and sadness as last Thursday’s election result gave us another five years of a Tory government. It seems all hope is lost as we head towards more cuts for the most vulnerable and for families on low incomes, while the rich get tax breaks, our Human Rights Charter eroded and the rule of Robert Murdoch keeps the culture of fear fed. So, what can we do? What can save us from the despair? I have an idea…..LOVE. I know that might sound a bit hippy (what’s wrong with being a hippy anyway?), but I’ve realised the best action we can take is to bring Love, caring and kindness to all those around us. Cherish and give thanks for the wonderful friends we have, our families, our pets, but also the people we meet everyday.

I have been making the effort to connect with people in shops, at tills, even saying a friendly “Hello” & smile to people I don’t like that much, not in a false way, but in an opening my heart way.
When, communities come together we are stronger than any government, we can support each other, heal each other.  For the first time, I truly understand the words of  Gandhi when he said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  I want to see a more caring and compassionate society, so I am going to start with myself.

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