I want to connect. For me, socialising is not connecting. Socialising drains my energy, connection brings me alive. I can have a deeper and more real connection with a total stranger I meet for a few minutes, than in a room full of people I know “Socialising”.

We all choose what part of ourselves we share with others, I choose authentic connection. I choose to be present with the person I am spending time with, to not look pass them when another person I know enters the room. My purpose on this planet is to bring respect, awareness and non-judgement to every human being I meet.

I am also here to honour and respect myself. Having meaningless conversations for the sake of being “Nice” or “Polite” is harmful to both myself and the other person. When my energy starts to become low, I know it is time to stop the conversation and do something else. Sometimes, it will take only one or two minutes of listening before I know it is time to leave.

Collecting as many people as you can to be so called “Friends”, is not about connection or authentic relationships. Often, it is about the need to be seen as popular but by doing this we spread ourselves thin and end up not giving the energy needed to allow real connections to grow.


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