I can usually sense a person’s energy within three minutes of meeting them, but sometimes I don’t believe myself.  No-one has ever surprised me with their behaviour. I just have not always admitted to myself that I knew the outcome all along. In the past, I have chosen to allow a person who carries a negative or stuck energy, to stay in my life for much longer than I should. Doing this drains my energy.  Ekheat Tolle calls this negative energy, The Pain Body and most people are operating from this place, pulling others into their ever cycling life dramas and draining the energy of those around them.

Some people’s Pain Bodies cause them to act like Emotional Vampires. They are constantly needing someone to take care of their feelings. These are the people who question “Why?” you haven’t replied to their text message or email immediately. Who try to keep you talking longer, when you have already said you need to leave. Who say, “I miss you” in an attempt to elicit feelings of guilt; what’s really being said is “Take care of me“. These are the people who expect you to justify or explain your every movement, decision and how you choose to be in the world.

It is very difficult to have a friendship with an emotional vampire, even if you care for them greatly, because being around them is exhausting. An emotional vampire will never be satisfied, they will drain people until a person has no other choice but to walk away. It is not possible for another person to heal the Pain Body of another, that is something we all have to do for ourselves. And, it is often the case that the more someone tries to pull on our energy than more we step away.

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