While walking with the dog the other day, a thought popped into my head – “What if there’s no God?“. I am not religious, so what I actually mean is -What if there is no Divine power, no God, no Allah, no Matrix…absolutly nothing?.

Just imagine for a moment….WE’RE ON OUR OWN!

Would it actually be such a bad thing?

If we knew there was nothing out there wanting us to be “Good”. If there was no supreme power watching over us to see if we were being kind, then we might be free to choose. And, if we choose to be kind and good to all living creatives just because we want to – rather than hoping to get brownie points with the big guy upstairs or having better Karma in the next life – wouldn’t that be more honest, more real, more “Good”.

I like to believe there is a divine power out there, some people call it GOD, I call it LOVE. I do not need a guide book to tell me how I should love and care for the people, animals and plants on this planet, I already know it in my heart. I was born with the knowledge of “Good” and “Evil” and I was given the choice of which way to live my life.

I do not believe in Heaven or Hell, but I still choose to be kind and compassionate. I recently found out that the word HELL was taken by the church from the Pagan word “HEL”, which was the sacred cave of Rebirth connected to the Norse Queen of the Underworld, Hellenes. It was only fear and superstition that replaced its positive attributes with negative ones. So, the HELL we have been told about by Christianity does not exist, it is a myth. A “man made” myth to control people.

I can not live my life by words written down by another man or woman. Buddha himself said, “Don’t believe what I say, only believe what YOU feel” (Something like that anyway). It takes courage to live on this planet without believing in God and still love everyone. Knowing you are not going to get a reward in the after life, that God is not going to be angry with you if you are mean. Nope, you are just going to have to be good because you choose to make the world a better place all by yourself, without any help from a divine being. And, if there is a God and you meet him/her when you die, who do you think he/she is going to welcome into the gates of heaven – the person who did good on earth because God told them to, or the person who did not believe in God, but did good anyway?

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