Willow with one of his handmade flutes

My friend Willow lives in a caravan called “George”. He lives on a small piece of land with some other people who also live in caravans. Willow collects firewood from the forest to burn in his wood burner to keep warm, and he often has a stew bubbling away on the stove. He baths in rivers and hikes across Dartmoor with his wife, hand in hand, seeking out sacred wells and ancient magical places. Willow calls himself a Professional Hedge Pixie.


Willow with his beautiful wife Anja


Willow doesn’t do social stuff but likes everyone (mostly). He is kind, gentle and funny. People often reach out to Willow when they find themselves in a particularly dark emotional place. He never judges, gives advice or tries to fix anyone. Willow’s way is to just let you know, “You’re okay“.


Willow doing something magical!

Willow has tried to live in a house off and on for years, but he doesn’t thrive being surrounded by stone walls. Instead, he chooses to live his deepest self every day. He never betrays himself, maybe that’s why he can be so present for others.

One day, at a particularly dark time in my life, I bumped into Willow while out walking. He asked how I was. When I told him what I was going through he didn’t look away nervously like some people did, his eyes didn’t reflect pity, he didn’t start offering me advice to try to fix me. Instead, Willow’s eyes showed an understanding and kindness as he said, “That can be tough..if you need to talk I am here“.


Willow the Hedge Pixie


Willow has a way of making your chatting mind be silent. He doesn’t preach to others about how they should live their lives, he just lives it. Oh, yes and Willow also makes Native American style flutes. Which you can check out here: Sounds Profound


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