This is a true story.

During his travels, a young man finds himself in a Benedictine Monastery. There he meets a monk called Brother David.

The young man approaches the monk and pleads, “Brother David, I have heard of your wisdom. I must speak with you about life

Certainly, my son. Let us walk in the gardens” replies Brother David

As they walk side by side in the Monastery garden the young man asks,

Brother David, tell me about the meaning of life?

Brother David looks down and says,

Look at this most beautiful flower

The young man asks another question.

Why am I alive?

Brother David looks down again and says,

My, what a most wonderous bug

The young man continues to ask more questions about life, the universe, and god. Each time Brother David answers,

How sweet a song that bird sings” or “That tree looks mighty and strong“.

At first, the young man feels frustrated.

Brother David, why are you not answering my questions?”

Brother David turns towards the young man, looks into his questioning eyes and waits.

A minute goes by, maybe two and still the two men stand facing each other, neither one uttering a word until the young man suddenly begins to laugh,

You have been answering my questions all along, haven’t you?

Brother David smiles a gentle smile and says, “Let’s go eat now“.




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