I do not need to know the why of anything. Why? will keep me busy for decades.  Sometimes, we are like a river flowing with pain, joy, wonder, unknown-ness, and answers come when I am not pressuring. 

If I feel pressured to know, to have an answer for someone, I go blank, and that is the right thing. I can treat these parts of myself like I would any three month old child. With kindness

 – Bruce Scott

Imagine the relief of not having to know “Why?’.  “Why? will keep me busy for decades“. We can spend our whole lives trying to work out the why of things or, we can have the courage just to feel stuff and let it move through us without knowing “Why?” Young children do this all the time.

Trying to figure out the Why of anything, keeps us stuck in our heads and in our stories. Our stories then become our lives, they become our identity which we cling onto. We spend decades caught up in our past, believing we can’t move forward until we know the reason “Why” and in doing so, we forget to live in the present moment.

We don’t need to analyse ourselves endlessly or talk about our stuff continuously. We just need to hold ourselves in awareness and compassion. Then answers of what needs to be done present themselves to us like images on a movie screen.






One thought on “The “Why?” Of Anything

  1. A very timely post for me:) I think I’ve been thinking too much about ‘why?’ recently and it has left me a bit paralysed, as if I can’t move forward. Not every question has an answer no matter how much worry and analysis we give it, so this is a great reminder to just embrace life and go with the flow:)

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