The following is the first part of a guest post by family therapist,

Dr Bruce Scott Ph.D.


         From Psychology to Heightened Awareness

                        (Psychology of the Future)

“First you live out what you ask of others.

When living it,

                     There is nothing left to ask.”

(From a Bruce Scott dream)


Open to the possibility that the beliefs you have about normal and abnormal, right and wrong, good and bad or healthy-unhealthy, are no longer significant to you. Imagine yourself in a world where all behaviors are considered normal even when not understood – – where all human beings, thoughts, fantasies, physical symptoms and fears are normal. Even abnormal is normal. Nothing is marginalized.   Imagine that you haven’t learned to name, label, analyze or diagnose the people and behaviors around you. How would that feel to you? How does your body rest now with knowing you do not have to make anyone wrong, or separate them out by a name, label, diagnosis or some descriptive behavior? Even include the idea that nothing makes sense anymore and there is no sequence to events.


   Assume that the linear mind takes a long rest, and not knowing what’s going to happen in advance, becomes familiar and welcome. And you feel good about that. Include that everything is unpredictable, and you don’t need to know what you’re doing. You don’t even need to be right, or look good for others, ever. What sensations, if any, are you aware of in your body as you read this? What if most of the people in our lives who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder were seen as mystics and shamans and medicine people? What if people diagnosed ADHD are really seen as creative beings seeking expression?   One last if. What if people accused of being “too sensitive” were recognized as exquisitely sensitive with the gift of heightened awareness?


For a moment, decide that you can no longer blame others for anything, even if you feel justified, and that you do not want nor need to project enemy status onto the other gender; that women and men, children and teenagers have common human origin and are artificially separated by social and cultural beliefs, and labels not of our own making.   Imagine that therapists, counselors and psychiatrists charge by the quality of your insight and sometimes they monetarily credit you for what they learned about themselves.


What if more schools became a place of wonder, mystery, creativity, cooperation, kindness, and equality between student and teacher, recognizing that the roles of teacher and student, of any age, are interchangeable moment to moment — that the adult teachers and the children share life experiences with each other from a place of mutual respect.




What if grades were replaced with the understanding that life is a process of learning, and in its natural state, learning does not have to be taught.   Imagine, in any kind of group setting for children or adults, that silence is valued as much as verbal expression.


Be with the thought that wanting praise and external approval are the origin of self doubt; that we become familiar with looking for approval from outside ourselves, coming to believe that our own self approval is not enough. Imagine children and adults of all ages, races, sizes and sexual beliefs wanting to know more about each other, finding awe in seeing through the eyes of others, not to judge and separate, but to know one another; to view each other with wonder, and even see a part of ourselves in the other person. How would this be now for us? Would you even be willing to live life without blame, anger, or judgment?


Contact details:

Bruce Scott, Ph.D. (831) 588-9998


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