On the 1st of January every year, I write in my personal journal my wishes and intentions for the new year. This year felt different from previous years. Maybe, I’ve matured become wiser or maybe I just got bored of writing the same old shit year after year. Whatever the reason, I share my words with you here.


1st January 2017

Today is the beginning of a new year. I wonder what this year will bring. I find myself no longer wishing for Success, Notoriety or Abundance in the form of money. I just ask to stay with myself.


To practice not sharing personal stuff with those who can not listen without giving advice or their opinion.


To let go of thoughts, beliefs and expectations that do not serve me or bring me alive. To let go of people, who do not serve me or bring me alive, and not feel guilty about letting them go.


To complain less. To not be drawn into negativity or gossip. To remember, we can choose if our words create sacredness or cause harm.


To be gentle with myself.


Of course, I’ll fuck up. We all do. But if I can just do some of these things, some of the time, then it’s all okay.

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