Welcome to the first ever Dreaming Ourselves Podcast. I am so excited to be sharing this podcast with you and very pleased to have Dr Bruce Scott as my first guest. Bruce is a writer, (Being Real: An Ongoing Decision, and Free The Children), a father, psychotherapist, teacher, storyteller and national workshop facilitator. He has worked among Native Americans and within African American, Hispanic and white communities. His extensive experience with families, children, school systems and a variety of relationships as well as large group and relationship facilitation skills, have taken him around the country as a lecturer, group facilitator, therapist wanderer and writer.

Bruce and I connected with each other five years ago and we have been emailing and speaking on the telephone every week since. I decided it was time we recorded some of those conversations to share with others who might also be wanting to live on this planet with awareness, respect and free from old beliefs.

In this first episode, Bruce shares his experience of being with Native America people and their way of being with others on this planet. He talks about respecting others no matter what they age, as well as respecting ourselves by being authentic and real. Bruce offers the idea that we seek out the “Third Way, when dealing with conflict or difficult people by bringing ourselves to others without the need to be heard or seen by them.



Bruce Scott is available to meet In-person, or via email or phone.

Depending on your location and circumstances any or a combination of these options can work well.

Bruce lives and travels between Santa Cruz, California and Portland, Oregon.

Any form of communication is welcome.

To contact, call (831) 588-9998, or email: scott_bruce@hotmail.com

Bruce is also the author of the blog Free The Children


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