What if mental illness or emotional pain or physical symptoms weren’t something that needed to be fixed.

What if we knew that “Symptoms”  were our soul’s way of rebelling against the trance in which we live, a trance that keeps us comparing, judging, consuming and not feeling good enough.

What if we believed that sensitivity is a gift, and those who are diagnosed with a mental illness are just “Exquisitely sensitive” beings who are connected with every living thing on this planet, who feel the pain of a thousand year old tree being cut down to make room for Palm oil.

What if all the patients in a mental hospital are actually healers sent here to help mankind.

What if all the children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and other labels are new souls come to wake us up from our belief that children should be sat behind desks all day learning to pass tests, while children in another country are being bombed.

What if we learnt to ask ourselves, “What is right about this?” rather than believing a society which tells us we need to get rid of our symptom.

One thought on “The “Rightness” of Mental Illness

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