Hi there,

I live in rural Somerset in the UK with my husband, two “Unschooled” children and a Whippet, called Idris. I am the author of the blogs, Dreaming Ourselves Awake and Living the Education Revolution and have been published in a number of magazines in the UK and the US.

Since 2006, I have worked in mentorship with Dr Bruce Scott, family therapist and author of Being Real, an ongoing decision’ and ‘Free the Children’ and studied with Dr Arnold Mindell, founder of Process Orientated Psychology.

I believe we can set ourselves free from the beliefs that limit us and cause us emotional pain. Turning our demons into our allies can help us find the healing we seek. 

One thought on “About Luminara King

  1. Hello Luminara King,
    I read your excerpt “Embracing Deep Democracy” on the latest issue of “Kindred Spirit” magazine and I was curious. That led me here.
    I like what I’m reading so far and for sure I will come back.
    Sending you beautiful Light for now ~~~
    Tree Spirit

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